February 22, 2019

IrisX 2019 | Building Experience Community

February 22, 2019
Event Date

The Biggest event in Egypt related to UI/UX field

IrisX 2019 is the first annual gathering for UX and UI designers, developers, academics and students in Egypt. It aims at strengthening the existing community by providing an opportunity for the attendees to network and share their experiences and work. It additionally aims at building bridges with computing technology startups and entrepreneurs to raise their awareness about the potential benefits for leveraging Human-Computer Interaction (HCI) and UX knowledge in their technology products. The event is organized by ACM SIGCHI Professional Chapter CairoCHI (cairochi.acm.org) and powered by Babel Media Production House

The Keynote was given by Dr. Elizabeth Churchill, the UX Director at Google, and it was titled "The Past, Present, and Future of Human-Computer Interaction", she is also an ACM distinguished speaker. She was invited by CairoCHI

We hosted the Cairo Dribbble Meetup as a part of IrisX 2019

It was a panel discussion about UI/UX career paths. from different background panelists like NGO, International Corporate and Egyptian design house, and it was moderated by Babel's CEO, Mr Amr Ismail.

read more on dribbble's website here

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